I never imagined that we would become motorhome enthusiasts at quite such a young age. However, having a young family and a desire to discover more of Scotland and get the kids to appreciate the outdoors have all combined to create our love of motorhoming. Surviving a motorhome with kids is an art form though.

For some, the thought of trying to survive a motorhome trip with young kids is enough to have them reaching for a stiff drink, but you would be surprised at how enjoyable and stress-free it can be.

If you have ever boarded a long haul flight – or even a short domestic flight – with a baby/toddler/young child you will know how stressful this process can be. I have an unruly two-year-old who is every passenger’s worst nightmare on a flight, there are tears (mainly from me), tantrums, hysterical laughing, hair pulling, and frequent violent outbursts! Not my idea of a great start to a holiday.

Have you ever had to drink wine in the bathtub of your hotel room as you let your kids sleep in the big comfy double bed? Not exactly the comfiest sundowner I have had.

The other downside when we travel abroad is the incredible amount of stuff you always have to cart around to cater for every eventuality. Snacks, nappies, wipes, treats, creams, changes of clothes, drinks, toys – the list is endless. When you go away in a motorhome, you have it all packed away conveniently and it is at your fingertips wherever you go.

So, if you are thinking of hiring a motorhome, here are some tricks to surviving such an enclosed space with your little ones:

Don’t forget the snacks

Driving for long periods can be really boring for kids and snacks are a must to keep them happy and occupied on the journey. It doesn’t have to all be unhealthy, throw some fruit in there and fill them up with smoothies too. Don’t worry too much about mess, we include a dust buster in our motorhomes so a quick scoot round with that and you will be crumb-free in no time.

Keep them occupied

They are going to spend so much time outside on a motorhome holiday that I don’t mind them having a good bit of screentime when we are driving – especially if it keeps them quiet. Download their favourite movies as wifi will seldom feature on your trip. Colouring and board games are a must on our trips, especially for those rainy afternoons, make sure you take games that the whole family can enjoy so no one feels left out and you don’t get too bored! Another great addition is fishing nets and buckets, they provide no end of fun for kids.


Choose your sleeping arrangements wisely. We always pop the kids in the fixed beds at the back because there is a curtain that you can close the bedroom off with and it means you can sit up with a glass of wine in the seating area and watch something on Netflix with your earphones in until they fall asleep! Normally on the nice summer evening you can sit outside under the awning and enjoy the scenery and the long, light nights while your little ones are tucked up in bed. If you do struggle to get your younger ones to sleep – you can turn to bribery or scare tactics, my preferred tactic is to use the Gruffalo as back up.

Simple food 

When you are out all day exploring, playing in rivers and climbing trees you build up quite an appetite and we all know that when kids are hungry they hate waiting for dinner. It’s a great idea to make up batches of things like macaroni, Bolognese, chilli, or stock up on pasta and tortellini as these are all so quick to heat up in one pot. Saves on time and dishes. The fridges in our motorhomes are substantial so there is plenty of room for food and drinks that need to be kept cool.

Kid-free time

We all love to spend time with our kids but it is also nice to enjoy some grown up time when they are in bed. Sitting outside in the evening with a blanket, watching the sun go down as you sip on a glass of wine is bliss. Take a good book, a pack of cards or a Bluetooth speaker so you can play some music before climbing into your comfy bed and recharging for the next day’s adventure.


The freedom of holidaying in a motorhome is wonderful when you have kids and it offers such a nice way to spend time together. There is always a playground on your doorstep and for kids sleeping in a motorhome is an exciting adventure.

So if you haven’t booked you summer holiday yet why not check our availability and start your motorhome adventure!

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