The kids may be back at school and holiday time may be over for now, but before you know it the October holidays will be sneaking up on us! Another two weeks to create fun-filled days to stop your little ones repeating that dreaded phrase “I’m bored”.

If you are thinking of a change of scenery, why not try motorhome hire? Embark on an adventure and explore the amazing autumnal colours that Scotland has to offer. Autumn is one of the best times to get away in a motorhome, it allows you to discover hidden gems, forest walks, hidden lochside bays and an amazing array of Scottish wildlife.

Here are our top five things to do when on a Scottish motorhome adventure this autumn:

Wildlife Watching
Nowhere will you see wild deer in more abundance, watching them roaming the hills of Scotland is a magical experience that captures everyone’s attention – counting them can keep the kids amused for ages. The elusive red squirrels, if spotted, are a wonderful treat to see – but you will need to keep your eyes peeled as they blend so well into the autumnal colours. Otters are another fascinating creature to be on high alert for, these mischievous water lovers are full of fun and great to watch, if you venture to Mull you will find a playful otter in the harbour that kept our kids amused for hours trying to spot him again and again!

Leaf Hunting
Forest walks at this time of year are breath-taking. Crisp mornings where you can see your breath in the air have a special appeal when you are out in the wild countryside. Scotland is literally filled with forest land and beautiful walks mapped out through them and one thing kids (and adults) love is searching for things while on a walk. Challenge them with a task of finding as many different leaves as they can on your walk and then discover what trees they came from. Check out the Scottish Forestry Commission for ideas on the best walks available.

Become a Photographer
Whether you are already a seasoned photographer or you are just looking to capture some magical memories, autumn offers you an unrivalled backdrop to your pictures. The vibrant red, orange and yellow of the leaves sing out in the peaceful countryside and the still lochs reflect the beauty precisely in their clear untouched waters. The woodland paths are carpeted with leaves and kids delight in kicking their way through the piles that have gathered, throwing them into the air to create a virtual leaf storm – a perfect scene to capture as the smiles light up their faces and they delight in the outdoors. 

Cooking Al Fresco
If it’s not raining then BBQ at every opportunity, it’s such a great way to cook when you have hired a motorhome. Everyone loves barbeque food for dinner and you can even cook breakfast this way too. We supply everyone with a disposable barbeque to ensure you can give it a go when you find the right spot. It’s a great way to toast marshmallows too as you all huddle around the heat drinking hot chocolate and keeping a watchful eye so your marshmallow doesn’t end up on the barbeque. Another plus side is there are hardly any dishes when you cook outside!

Star Gazing
When you are out in the unpolluted air of the more remote parts of Scotland every night is a spectacular show of twinkling lights above you. Brush up on your constellations and wow your family with your incredible knowledge of Cassiopeia and Polaris. Get wrapped up, grab the picnic blankets and get a comfy spot to lie down and simply gaze up at the stunning night sky. Galloway Forest Park is Britain’s first Dark Sky Park – an area that experiences exceptionally dark skies due to the controlling of light pollution. Here you can stare in awe at over 7000 stars and planets and you can even see the Milky Way with your naked eye. An incredible experience.

The Scottish Forestry Commission have created a great resource to help you enjoy Scotland in Autumn, you can read that here.

If this has tempted you into escaping for an autumnal break to witness the wonders of Scotland then please check out prices and availability here.